Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

Perfect Fit pleated blinds were the first version of this revolutionary blind to be launched.

The blinds come in 20mm pleated fabric. Some of these have special coatings on the back to reduce heat and glare from the sun. There are different designs and finishes to decorate your conservatory with. There are a good range of neutrals, whites and creams. There are also some great bright and bold fabrics if you want to make a real statement of colour.

There are three models to choose from.

  1. Standard perfect fit pleated blinds as seen in the above video. The blinds move up to the top of the frame
  2. Cafe Style perfect fit blinds. By installing the blind upside down you have the fabric resting at the bottom of the frame and moving up when you operate the blind
  3. Two Way Draw The blind has 2 handles and can move both up or down depending on which handle you operate
Frame colours currently available, white, brown and silver grey, tan and the bead depth must be between 18mm and 30mm to accept the perfect fit frames.

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