Fully Cassetted Roller Blinds

Fully Cassetted Roller Blinds are the best solution for when you need total blackout blinds. They come in an aluminium box that holds the roller blind. This is the cassette. Then there are side channels on the left and right hand sides for the special side runners to run down. To complete the blackout there is a bottom channel, or Gutter, than the bottom bar of the blind sits in.

Fully Casstted Roller Blinds

The Cassetted Roller blinds have three main applications.

1. Childrens and Babies bedrooms where a child frequently wakes up too early in the morning. The blackout roller blind with side channels will completely stop early morning daylight getting into the bedroom.

2. Home Cinemas, gaming and entertainment rooms. When you have a top notch home entertainment room you want to get the best out of your system. Fully casstted roller blinds solve the problem of streaks of light hitting the screens. You can even have the blind motorised and have an extra remote control handset to add to your collection.

3. Laboratory and studio environments where it is important to blockout all light for the success of experiments and photographic production.

Roller Blind With Side Channels

Photo above shows the right hand side channel and the bottom gutter.

Fitting of Fully Cassetted Roller Blinds

The fitting and measuring of The Blinds is quite detailed. If your window is not accurately square then we will need to increase our tolerances to enjoy a satisfactory result. When the blind is installed and operating correctly we will then fill any gaps with decorators caulk around the frame to ensure full blackout.

Because of this you should consider the installation of a consort blind as a semi permanent fitting to your window. You cannot simply unclip it as you can with standard roller blinds.

The Blind cassette box is top fixed to your lintel. the side channels are side fixed into the reveal walls. The bottom gutter is fixed to your window sill.

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